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Nextphase sA

NextPhase S.A. has been established in Cluj - Napoca as a technology incubator to engage in intellectual property realization and commercial development by identifying new technological concepts with commercial potential from the academic community of Cluj - Napoca and develop them into succesful products or businesses while contributing to the growth and success of the technology community.



Mapped Business Processes, Lean Six Sigma Culture, Customer Oriented Strategy, Ethics, Technical Expertise, Proficient Staff, Team Work, High Performance Tools, Best Cost, Communication, Continuous Learning Program. This is the way we provide services to help our clients grow in an efficient and cost effective manner.


Practicus helps organisations to better deliver change. Our services target the support they need with business and technology change – from helping to formulate what that change looks like through to delivering that change and making it sustainable.

pathway audits

Use our Pathway Audits to help your organization to improve  competitiveness and growth. Quickly and cost effectively assess  your capability or status in key areas. Use your team and ours to create change for your business.